Goals for Lakewood

My main goals for improving our Lakewood Community are to:

  1. Improve accessibility in Lakewood for all of our people. Regardless of their socioeconomic status, be they able-bodied or disabled, Cis or trans, LGBTQ+, or anything in between, we all deserve to be able to interact with the community.
  2. Increase inclusivity. As a youth growing up in the age of the internet, I am disappointed by how divided we have become. I want to bring us back together, we do not have to agree, but we should not have such poor conflict management skills that we cannot even be in the same room as people we disagree with.
  3. Support education. As a 19-year-old (at the time of this writing) who has taken a relatively unexpected academic route, I have observed how our education system can and must be improved, including the creation of social support so people do not become socially isolated because they had or chose to take a different path.
  4. Bettering health awareness and opportunities. Be it physical, mental, or emotional, we need to focus on the visible and invisible ailments people in our community deal with. Yes, we learn about and are aware that people face these issues, but it is not something most people are mindful of unless we are personally affected. I also believe that it is high time that Lakewood had an actual hospital again because I would rather not have to deal with the costs of being driven by ambulance to another municipality if I have a medical emergency that could not be handled here because we only have an ER.

For more details on how I plan to address these issues, please see read through some of my blog posts.